Heart Screening Wales

13123312_564265607066513_7452760652896897330_oHundreds die each year from an undiagnosed heart condition – that’s hundreds too many. A simple ECG (electrocardiogram) will identify most cardiac abnormalities so that conditions can be managed.

Welsh Hearts are pleased to be funding such a vital and life saving initiative. It is our mission to help protect and promote the heart health of young people here in Wales. Many people still associate heart disease and heart attacks with older people, however this is sadly not the case. But with screening we can make a massive difference and we will save lives.

Sam Warburton“This is a great initiative from Welsh Hearts that will hopefully prevent lives being lost from undiagnosed heart conditions.

“I’ve worked closely with Welsh Hearts for a number of years and they do a fantastic job in raising the awareness of heart conditions as well as screening across Wales.”

Sam Warburton

Let’s get every young heart screened (Aged 16-40)

Each session costs us £7000 to hold. Private heart screenings can cost around £300 per person, but due to generous donations from our supporters, you will only pay £55. We cannot hold these heart screening sessions without generous donations of money to help support our work. Can you donate today to help us save lives in Wales?

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CHD Welsh Hearts Heart Screening Medical Questionnaire

A gift voucher for a heart screening is a wonderful gift for a loved one, at any time of the year. Purchase a heart screening voucher by clicking here.

What is a heart screening session?

AEJ_4740There is a simple way to diagnose most cardiac abnormalities. This is by having an ECG (electrocardiogram) test.

An ECG looks at the electrical conduction pathways around the heart. Small stickers known as electrodes are placed on the client’s chest and the wires connect to an ECG machine whilst they lie still.

A printout of the heart’s electrical activity is obtained for evaluation by the cardiologist. From the information provided, measurements are taken which give a guide to muscle thickness and size of the chambers of the heart.

13147575_564259293733811_5625661055541281262_oAbout the sessions

The heart screening sessions involve a short 5-10 minute test which is quick and painless and able to detect any heart abnormalities. The doctors carrying out the tests will then review the results and let you know if you need a further test.

Hold a heart screening session in your area

Heart screening sessions cost £7,000 to screen 120 hearts. That’s a full day for ECG tests with an echocardiogram if required. They are hosted in a suitable venue, currently on Saturdays only, with a view to do Sundays too.

Perhaps your community can fundraise the amount required, or have the event sponsored by a local company. If you wish to organise a screening event, you’ll work in conjunction with Welsh Hearts’ Screening Programme Manager to book a venue, promote the event and make sure that all required paperwork is completed by potential clients.

An ECG machine costs from £5,000 and a portable echocardiogram machine costs between £21,000 and £25,000.

Please contact screenings@welshhearts.org for more information on sponsoring a heart screening session.