Trustee Vacancies

We are recruiting 3 new dedicated and committed Trustees to join our Board

Do you have some time to support a young welsh heart charity who have in just 4 years raised over £1 million pounds trained over £35,000  in CPR and screened 1,400 people for heart defects!

Welsh Hearts/Calonnau Cymru are an independent charity based solely in Wales and working hard to save lives in Wales.We help fund life-saving equipment such as defibrillators for communities and schools and teach free CPR training to the public. We also hold heart screening sessions to detect heart abnormalities. 

In Wales there are approximately 8000 sudden cardiac arrests outside hospital each year. It’s shocking that the survival rate is only 3%. Where a defibrillator is used, the survival rate raise to 50%. Unfortunately, there are not enough defibrillators in Wales or trained people to give victims the best chance of survival during those first few critical minutes. With access to more defibrillators we can provide a vital link in the chain of survival so that even more lives can be saved throughout Wales. Welsh Hearts aim to equip people with vital emergency and life-saving skills, including training on how to safely use a defibrillator – the knowledge and actions that could save a life. We offer free CPR and defibrillator training to communities all over Wales with the support of a team of 255 qualified medical professionals who deliver the training!

We are a registered charity. The Welsh Hearts/Calonnau Cymru Board is responsible for setting the strategy and policies of Welsh Hearts/Calonnau Cymru and guides and supports the Charity Director and staff and volunteers.

To help us further develop our services we need experienced members of the public to join our Board. We are particularly keen to recruit members who have one or more of the following skills:

  • Current competitive grant expertise
  • Banking
  • Business
  • PR and Marketing
  • Medical Profession

Board meetings are held 4 times per year in and around Cardiff, between 4.30 and 6.30pm. Applications from across Wales are welcomed.

To find out more about joining the Board or to support the work of Welsh Hearts/Calonnau Cymru, please contact: Sharon Owen, Charity Director, Welsh Hearts/Calonnau Cymru